United Airline

United Airlines is the third largest airline in the world in terms of the number of routes taken and fleet sizewhere its headquarters is at Chicago, Illinois. The airline is majorly regarded as one of the founding members of the world’s major airline alliance, i.e. Star Alliance where there are other 28 member airlines. United takes its flights to a total of 48 countries which is across 5 continents where out of these, 118 are international destinations and 238 are domestic destinations. The airline has its hubs in 8 destinations, i.e. Denver, Chicago, Houston, Guam, Newark, Los Angeles, Washington and San Francisco. Its fleet size, as of January 2021, is 819 aircrafts where all are Airbuses and Boeings.

The United Airline reservation can be done on the website united.com or it can also be done on the United app where you can update or change the United flight tickets on the same.Keeping the pandemic in mind, United Airlines gives its passengers eligibility for a refund upon cancellation, which depends on the type of ticket purchased and also the extent of disruption.

When it comes to the cabins, United Airlines offers United Polaris Business which is a business class seat of international level, United Premium Plus which is an international economy class, Transcontinental, United First, Economy Plus, Economy, and Basic Economy. The airline puts cleanliness and safety as their priority where they have teamed up with Clorox and also have United CleanPlus program so that the disinfecting protocols are followed for a safer and healthier environment.

The airline has many on-board services like in-flight entertainment which offers United Private Screening, Direct TV, in-Flight magazine, in-flight Wi-Fi and in-flight power. There are also many dining options for premium cabin members and economy members where the passengers can also order the in-flight meals. United Airlines has its frequent flyer program as Mileage Plus where the passengers can reach the premier status with Premier Qualifying Flights (PQF) and Premier Qualifying Points (PQP), withoutany distance requirement. Since the pandemic has reduced travelling requirement, the airline has made it easier for passengers to reach the premier status where they have reduced the amount of PQF and PQP needed to gain the Premier Status at all the levels. United Airlines have the best customer support where the passengers can clear their queries by talking to an agent through the United Airlines number or chatting with them where the agents are available from 8am to 7:30pm CST.


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