Privacy Policy

Travy Tripvehemently believes in keeping the personal information of our customers safe and secure, hence, we operate in the same secure way. Our main priority is to maintain the trust of our customers intact. Below statements is the privacy policies maintained while we collect and use our customer’s information.

It should be noted that by sharing information on Travy Trip, you agree to the Privacy Policies set down by Travy Trip.

Personal Data

Travy Trip collects details like your name, passport number, telephone number, postal address,social media account, email ID, assigned traveller number (if any), credit card details, debit card details, or any other additional information that is provided by you while you are booking a flight from our website and which is regarded as a personal information. If there is third party information shared by you on our website, it will be implied that you possess the total authority of disclosing the information of the third party, and as per our Privacy Policy, you allow us to utilize the third party information.

Collection of Personal Data

We collect the personal information from our customers while he/she does the booking process or when he/she makes the reservations. We also collect the personal information offline, with the help of direct communication so that we can offer our services in the best way. The information is also collected from other sources like social media platforms, public database, and other third parties that is permitted by law.

Sharing of Personal Data

Travy Trip will share the data of customers with:

We might also share the information when there is a need to conduct research so that there are any illegal activities prevented and also so that the security or rights of Travy Trip is protected and which is also in linewith the Terms and Conditions. The sharing of data might also be done when there is an adhering to court orders or subpoenas or summons or any other legal process so that there is protection under law and also we have the right to waive off or raise the legal right or objection which has been made available to us.

Usage of Personal Data

In order to finish the booking process, we use important billing information like debit card number, credit card number, card holder name, and also expiration date. Personal information like email address or phone number might be used to update you with billing information, travel notifications, to confirm you on your travel ticket, to intimate you regarding discount offer or special offer or to inform you with any additional details.

We at Travy Trip will never ask you to reveal any Personal Information which is sensitive like Social Security numbers, religious beliefs, details regarding race or culture, biometrics, and criminal background) Travy Trip has the right to alter the Privacy Policy at any time and also when the new policy has been updated on the website, it is effective immediately.


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