Southwest Airline

Southwest Airlines is a renowned American airline with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The airline was first established as Air Southwest Co. but later on, it was renamed as Southwest Airlines Co. Southwest Airline initiated its flights as an intrastate airline fully in the state of Texas, by primarily flying between three places i.e.Dallas, San Antonio andHouston.

The airline has around 60,000 employees and operates 4,000 flights in a day when the travel season is at its peak. According to research data, in 2018, when compared to any of the United States airline, Southwest carried the most domestic passengers. The airline has started servicing to 103 places in the United States and the airline has also taken its flights in 10other major additional countries. Although there are a lot of U.S airlines which cost passengers for checking the luggage, Southwest Airlines has the amenity of providing 2 free checks of bags, which is per passenger.

When it comes to the itinerary changes which are last-minute, Southwest Airline charges no fees. Furthermore, passengers are allowedto alter their flight even if it is 10 minutes before their plane takes off. The payment should only be done if the new flight change is costlier than the initial flight. If the passenger does the cancellation, they are refunded in the form of a travel credit where it can be used for other purchases in the airline and this should be done within 1 year of the initial purchased ticket.

To check the status of theSouthwest Airlines Reservation, lookup reservation option, and click on flight option, add the asked details and click on the retrieve information tab. You will get all the details related to your Southwest Airlines Reservation.

The flight schedule of the airline gives its passengers a good notion about the flights that are taking off all over the globe. The passengers can know about the flight numbers,flight arrivals and departures, flight timings through the routes. The major international departures of the airline are Los Angelesto San Francisco, San Francisco to Los Angeles, Las Vegas to Los Angeles and Los Angeles to Las Vegas. There are also seldom flights from Phoenix to Los Angeles, Boston to Los Angeles, Denver to Los Angeles and Atlanta to Los Angeles. Furthermore, the Southwest Airlines cancellation policy should be checked before the tickets are booked.

Southwest Airlines' offers the best customer service where they can call on Southwest Airline number for baggage information, reservations, or general queries.

Southwest Airlines - Cancellation and Refund

Southwest Airlines has three types of fares which are Wanna Get Away, Anytime, and Business Select. The funds of Wanna Get Away are reusable (travel funds for future trips) and nonrefundable. The funds of Anytime and Business Select are reusable (travel funds for future trips) and refundable. To get detailed information on Southwest Airlines cancellation policies and conditions, visit its official website.


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